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Monday, May 14th
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Human Frailty Made Manifest

"The difficulty for the political system lies in dealing with Thomson’s delusion. With every telling, his version of events has become more fantastic and inconsistent."

Craig Thomson: The Laurie Oakes Interview

Craig Thomson appeared on Channel Nine's Today on May 12 for an exclusive interview with Laurie Oakes: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

Coalition Says An MPs' Code Of Conduct Is Unnecessary

"Tony Windsor's push for a code of conduct for MPs has been opposed by the Coalition and independent senator Nick Xenophon amid the continuing political fallout from the Craig Thomson saga … the opposition said such a code was unnecessary and politicians should be responsible for monitoring their own behaviour."

Will Tony's Story Be A Thriller?

"If Abbott succeeds in driving Labor from office in a landslide, what story will he tell when half the narrative isn't padded out with how dreadful the Gillard Labor minority government is? … It will be just the story of Tony, and his agenda for the future."

Proof Will Be In The Paying When Mining Tax Kicks In

"The Opposition claims on one hand that the mining tax will kill the industry but, on the other, agrees with Forrest that it is not going to make any money. Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Ian Macfarlane have all said the miners have told them they will be paying no mining tax for several years."