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October 2011

Robert Helpmann & Anna Pavlova

Art Gallery of NSW - 24 September 2011 to 5 February 2012

What’s in a Face? Aspects of Portrait Photography

'Autumn Laing' By Alex Miller

'The Street Sweeper' By Elliot Perlman

Meeting Mary Finsterer

What Happens Next

Girls’s 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost'

Out of the Bay

Daniel Nettheim’s The Hunter and Anh Hung Tran’s Norwegian Wood

Taking to the Woods

Meeting Andrew Fraser

Line of Appeal

John Bell’s 'On Shakespeare'

Bowing to the Bard

Alice Neel and Louise Bourgeois

Bodying Forth

A Correspondence with Clive James

Clean As You Go

Meeting Meow Meow

Queen of the Night

Meeting Glenn Murcutt

Fathers & Sons

Jennifer Maiden - 'Friendly Fire', 2005

Poetry Masterpiece

JM Coetzee - 'Summertime', 2009

Fiction Masterpiece

Neil Armfield - 'Peter Grimes', 2009

Opera Masterpiece

Ten Part Invention - 'Unidentified Spaces', 2001

Jazz Masterpiece

Classical Masterpiece