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The Monthly is Australia’s leading independent current affairs magazine. Our highly engaged audience values quality journalism that explores the issues which impact the nation.

The Monthly was named winner of the Business, Finance & Current Affairs category for the second consecutive year at the 2012 Australian Magazine Awards. The Monthly was also a finalist for Magazine of the Year.


“The Monthly remains a bastion of quality journalism for those looking for more than just the 250-word surface piece”

- Australian Magazine Awards judging panel 


Speaking across mulitple platforms - including a print magazine, digital editions and three unique subscriber databases - the Monthly boasts a loyal audience who are deeply engaged with Australian politics, arts, society and culture.



Readers 149,000
Subscribers 19,500
Circulation 30,955

The flagship of the brand, the Monthly print magazine, is the most popular of our formats. Advertising is strictly limited within the print edition to ensure minimal clutter and the strongest possible cut-through for advertisers.  


"The Monthly magazine is the only publication I read cover to cover"

- Reader survey respondent



The Monthly audience is loyal, well educated and socially aware, with access to a high disposable income.

According to the latest Roy Morgan data (June 2013) 73% of our audience are 35 and older, three-quarters hold a diploma or degree and a third of our audience work as professionals or managers.

Of households that read the Monthly more than 42% have a main earner income of over $80,000 per annum and more than 46% of readers fall into the AB socioeconomic quintile.

In the last three months more than half our audience visited an art gallery, museum or antique exhibition, a third attended live theatre and more than a quarter attended a live rock or pop music concert.

Source: Roy Morgan, June 2013.  

These Roy Morgan figures are supported by insights from the new readership survey EMMA which indicates more than half our audience earn greater than $80,000 per annum, 77% of our audience have completed tertiary education and 42% work as managers or professsionals.

In addition, EMMA ranks the Monthly first amongst our competitors for immersion in the publication, which indicates our audience are deeply engaged with the content and spend a long time reading the magazine. 

Source: EMMA, September 2013.


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"The Monthly is my only 'must read' Australian magazine"

- Reader survey respondent


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Any where, any time, any device.

The Monthly digital editions are especially crafted to provide an experience as good as reading the print magazine, and include all stories that run in the print edition. The newly designed website and app prioritise ease of reading and minimal clutter, which ensures advertising creative had a strong impact.

The Monthly website receives on average over 300,000 views a month, with readers spending an average of four minutes viewing the site. Over 30% of our online traffic comes from mobile devices and our website is engineered to adapt itself to be displayed perfectly no matter what the device.



Our three free EDMs connect with a highly influential audience who like to be at the forefront of current events. The EDM PoliticOz features a curated selection of the best of the day's political news and commentary and is delivered every weekday. With a rapidly growing audience currently over 12,000, PoliticOz consistently delivers an exceptionally high open rate of 50.4%.

Sister EDM The Shortlist Daily features the best online reads from around the world every weekday. The Shortlist Daily currently has over 14,000 subscribers and a similarly high open rate of 47%.

Friends of the Monthly is a less frequent newsletter that informs our readers about new editions, promotions and giveaways, commanding an audience of 30,000.


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